Carrie and Aidan are Back Together in And Just Like That

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Carrie Bradshaw and her ex Aidan Shaw are back together in the Sex and the City (SATC) franchise.

On Friday, And Just Like That‘s official Instagram account posted photos of Carrie and Aidan holding hands on the set of the second season of the SATC spin-off show.

Why does it matter?: The internet went wild when their reunion was revealed.

There is a longstanding Team Aidan versus Team Big debate among SATC fans. Aidan was always the quintessential Good Guy to the toxic Mr Big who played with Carrie’s heart for six seasons and a film.

Context: Aidan along with John James Preston (aka Mr Big) were Carrie’s two great loves. But “perfect boyfriend” Aidan was Carrie’s eternal second choice.

  • Carrie broke Aidan’s heart in season three when she cheated on himwith a married Big in season three of SATC. Carrie and Aidan reunited and got engaged in season four before breaking up because he was still unable to trust her after her affair with Big. Carrie later went to marry Big.
  • In the critically-panned movie Sex and the City 2, Aidan is revealed to have three sons with his wife Kathy. He cheats on her when he shares a kiss with a married Carrie.
  • In the first season of And Just Like That, Carrie’s husband Big dies and she is single in New York again.

How Did The Internet Respond to Carrie’s and Aidan’s reunion?:

  • Team Aidan fans declared: “WE WON.” Some viewers felt Aidan might finally be able to trust Carrie now that Big was dead.
  • Others believed Carrie did not deserve to get back with Aidan after she broke his heart twice: “Let this poor man live in peace.”
  • Other SATC fans hated that the writers were still trying to make the Aidan storyline happen: “In a city filled with 8 million people, she HAD to go back to an ex?”

But: The photos of Aidan and Carrie may be a ruse to throw off viewers. SATC filmed alternate endings for the season finale in 2004 to keep the true ending a secret until airing.

What’s next?: HBO Max has yet to announce a release date but it is reported that And Just Like That will begin streaming season two in summer 2023. Aidan will be reprising his role in a “substantial, multi-episode arc.”