Why TikTok is Talking About How Bella Hadid Eats Pizza Every Day

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bella hadid pizza

In an interview clip posted by i-D magazine on January 30, supermodel Bella Hadid answered that her “favorite go-to snack is pizza at least once per day.”

The clip has amassed over 2.4 million views and Hadid’s comment about eating pizza daily has sparked a debate on social media.

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  • In the widely-shared interview, which was filmed in September but only posted this week, Hadid says that pizza is her “go-to because it always tastes good every time.” Hadid also says she considers “seaweed snacks” and “sour patch kids” as her favorite snacks.
  • However, TikTok was less convinced that the supermodel eats pizza daily. “She didn’t believe it herself,” a user comments. Another viewer writes: “Love u bella but no one believes this.”
  • Another viral TikTok video suggests that Hadid says that she eats pizza every day to sound relatable.
  • Other viewers were frustrated with the continued discourse and focus on what women eat.

Why it matters: With the reported widespread use of weight loss drug Ozempic in Hollywood and the return of the super-skinny body ideal, TikTok users are increasingly calling out stars who project unrealistic body and diet standards. TikTok users are putting more pressure on celebrities, like Hadid, to be honest about how they stay in shape.

But, to be fair: Hadid does have a long history of beig pictured eating pizza and talking about her love for the food. There are also the now-iconic paparazzi photos of the supermodel eating a slice of pizza in Uggs and micro-shorts in September. So some people on the internet think she might be trolling them with her pizza comment.

Also: While Hadid is beloved, she has become internet fodder for some of the privileged and cringey answers she has given in the past. In 2021, Hadid (who is the daughter of multimillionaire real-estate developer Mohammed Hadid) apologized for coming off as out-of-touch in a viral TikTok video in which she complained about not having designer clothing in high school.

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