Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Having Marriage Problems?

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jennifer lopez ben affleck marriage

Fans are speculating that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are already having marriage problems.

The couple — otherwise known as the cultural phenomenon “Bennifer” — rekindled their famous romance in April 2021 and married in July 2022.

Why does it matter? The reunion of Bennifer was the ultimate love story for celebrity fans who were still nostalgic about Lopez’s and Affleck’s early 2000s relationship.

Lopez’s and Affleck’s second-chance at their relationship felt like a fairy tale ending and fans are worried about the couple’s supposed “arguments” on camera.


  • On January 29, footage surfaced of Lopez and Affleck allegedly arguing at an afterparty for the premiere of her new film Shotgun Wedding.

  • TikToker @life_with_matt decoded their argument. According to the lip-reader, Affleck insists to a seemingly frustrated Lopez: “I didn’t drink anything okay. Jen!” Social media users commented that Affleck has struggled with alcohol addiction throughout his life.

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  • At the Grammy Awards ceremony on February 5th, Lopez and Affleck were also filmed having a seemingly tense conversation.

  • According to a lipreader interviewed the Daily Mail, Lopez told a miserable-looking Affleck: “Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated.” Ben has become a viral meme for his anguished facial expressions.


    • Tiktoker @almostanna — who claims to be the seat filler who sat next to Lopez and Affleck at the Grammy Awards — says that the couple were loved up all night.
      In fact, Affleck knew that his miserable facial expressions at the ceremony were being turned into memes and the couple found it “so funny.”

    • Content creator @jovitameetsworld, who was allegedly at the Shotgun Wedding afterparty, disputed the rumors of an argument between Affleck and Lopez. She says that Affleck was drinking a coke at the event and social media needs to stop questioning the actor’s sobriety.

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    • Lopez also seemed to quash rumors of any marriage problems — posting a video on Instagram of the couple at the Grammy’s alongside the caption: “Always the best time with my love, my husband.”

    What’s next: Social media users continue to analyze the Bennifer footage. But in the meantime, Dunkin Donuts announced its first Super Bowl ad which will star Affleck and Lopez.