The Rise of Celebrity Lip Readers on TikTok

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The hottest trend on TikTok is celebrity lip reading.

TikTok famous lip readers, like @ninacelested and Bella Tanner, are using their skills to interpret inaudible conversations between celebrities and politicians.

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The Facts

Why it matters

  • TikTok has changed how the media reports on pop culture and responds to it. With the rise of celebrity lip reading on TikTok, mainstream media publications are increasingly acknowledging the skill and turning it into news.

  • In recent years, lip reading has also been steadily gaining more credibility and importance. Lip readers were enlisted by U.K. authorities to study footage of soccer fans shouting alleged racist abuse.

  • Director Peter Jackson used lip readers to give a voice to First World War soldiers in 100-year-old silent film footage for his 2018 documentary They shall not grow old.

The Future

Update 03/27/2023 by Pesala Bandara: Information on Olivia Rodrigo added.