Wild AI-Generated Audio of Taylor Swift is Taking Over TikTok

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Taylor Swift AI Deepfaked TikTok Voice

A shockingly realistic AI-generated audio clip of Taylor Swift is taking over TikTok.

@pacificeditz I cant believe she said that?!? #fyp #xyzbca #viral #taylorswift #edit #ticketmaster #hot ♬ original sound – Pacificeditz

The Facts

  • In the AI-generated audio clip which first appeared on TikTok on March 3, a fake Swift says: “I couldn’t give less of a f*ck about my tickets being $1000, I don’t perform for poor bitches.”

  • The fake audio is in reference to Ticketmaster’s catastrophic handling of sales to Swift’s upcoming Eras tour, which left some of the singer’s fans paying high prices for tickets.

  • The highly-convincing AI audio clip has since gone viral on TikTok with some fans even believing that it’s a real-life recording of Swift.

  • A second explicit AI-generated audio clip of Swift, which references the singer’s infamous leaked phone call with rapper Kanye West and feud with Kim Kardashian, is also going viral on TikTok. In the audio, Swift says: “and I got on the phone with Kim, and I told her you better tell your lame excuse of a husband that I made that b*tch f*cking famous.”
@swiftc1ty ew whos kayne anwyay. #taylorswift #lwymmd #lwymmdmv #taylorswiftedit #swiftie #fup #reputation #taylorswiftvids #taylorswiftreputation ♬ original sound – hollie 🫶

Why it matters: It is easier for everyday content creators to create AI-generated audio than ever before.

  • With more AI Voice Generators available online, a growing trend has evolved on TikTok where creators use the technology to voice-clone celebrities and recreate songs in another artist’s voice. A fake AI Harry Styles cover of Swift’s song “Cardigan” is also going viral on the platform.

  • While some AI-generated audio clips are entertaining, they also have the potential to spread disinformation. There will be more pressure on social media platforms to monitor AI-generated content. TikTok recently removed a deepfaked video ad of Joe Rogan promoting libido supplements.

Update 03/29/2023 by Pesala Bandara: Updated second AI clip of Taylor Swift added.