Taylor Frankie Paul Returns to TikTok After Arrest

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taylor frankie paul dakota mortensen tiktok after arrest

Mormon MumTok star Taylor Frankie Paul finally made her return to TikTok this weekend after her arrest for aggravated assault and domestic violence last month.

On February 18, Taylor was charged for allegedly striking her boyfriend Dakota Mortensen with metal chairs — with one of the chairs reportedly hitting and injuring her five-year-old child in the process.

Recently-divorced Taylor is the most famous mom on “Mormon MomTok” or “Utah MomTok” — a group of female Mormon friends who post dance videos about their lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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What Happened After Taylor Frankie’s Paul Arrest

  • Mum-of-two Taylor pleaded not guilty to the charges in her first court appearance on March 1. She has been ordered not to consume alcohol and she is not allowed to discuss the case involving her children while it is in progress.

  • A pretrial protective order for Dakota was denied at his request. However, Taylor can not be in the presence of Dakota and her children at the same time.

  • On March 12, Taylor addressed her arrest for the first time on an Instagram story, saying “the last few weeks were the hardest weeks of my life.” Taylor also said that she was on antidepressants and was “working on healing.”

Taylor Frankie Paul’s Return to TikTok

  • On March 18, Taylor resumed her TikTok content for her 4 million followers. In a video, that was captioned “It’s been a minute, missed you guys, Taylor and Dakota film their morning routine together.

  • At the end of their morning routine video, Taylor announced that the couple are “gonna look at houses” together.

  • In a second TikTok video, Taylor and Dakota did a dance routine as they got dressed for church on Sunday. In a caption, Taylor writes: “don’t let people make you feel like you can’t go to church if you’re not perfect.”



It’s been a minute, missed you guys.

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What’s next: A scheduling conference for Taylor is set for March 31. This is likely to be the first of several court dates Taylor will attend before the trial date is set for her domestic case.