Why More Men are Getting Jaw Surgery

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More men are getting plastic surgery on their jaws to look more “manly.”

The Facts

  • According to data by The Aesthetics Society, above-the-neck cosmetic surgery procedures rose 55% from 2020 to 2021. Like buccal fat removal, jaw surgery has become an in-demand procedure among men, especially with male tech workers.

  • Men are paying over $21,000 to get their jaws broken and reshaped so that their jawlines look larger, more defined, and angular. Chin implants and injectable chin and jaw fillers are also becoming popular procedures.

  • Social media users have speculated that male celebrities like Liam Payne, Chris Hemsworth, and Zac Efron have undergone plastic surgery to make their jawlines and chins look more prominent and chiseled.


Did Chris Hemsworth get a jaw implant?
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But: While fans first only noticed a change in Efron’s jawline in 2021, the actor insists that his new facial structure is the result of a 2013 injury and not plastic surgery.

Why it’s happening: Stronger Jaws are considered to look more “masculine .”

  • With the casting of celebrities like Henry Cavill and Robert Pattinson in superhero roles, Hollywood has made a chiseled strong jawline and zero buccal fat aesthetic a byword for masculinity.

  • According to The Aesthetics Society, interest in jaw surgery has surged have since the pandemic due to “Zoom Boom” or the “Zoom effect.” With the rise of zoom calls and video conferencing, workers are staring at their appearance on a computer from unflattering angles all day and this has prompted a spike in requests for jaw reconstruction.

  • GQ reports that the toxic online subculture of “looksmaxing” — which encourages men to improve their appearance to achieve their greatest aesthetic potential — has led to a rise in jaw reconstruction surgeries. Men are getting their jawlines reshaped into a “manlier” shape seen in “alphas” and “chads.” The Chad male stereotype is usually depicted with large and very prominent jawlines.

Why it matters: Even though men may not openly discuss it, modern social pressures are making males increasingly consider cosmetic surgery procedures, like jaw reconstruction.

According to The Aesthetics Society, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures performed on men have increased by 28% since 2000.