Resurfaced Clips Show Ariana Grande Changing Accents

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ariana grande accents

Resurfaced clips of Ariana Grande changing her accents in different scenarios are going viral on TikTok.

In the footage, which has 2.2 million views, Grande is accused of regularly “switching up races” and fans think the singer may changed her accent again.

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The Facts

  • On April 12, TikTok user @sleezymitscore shared a compilation of videos showing Grande’s changing her accent. The singer uses a “blaccent” in various settings but then uses a completely different accent in a 2021 interview about her music videos.

  • A “blaccent” is when people who are not Black adopt African American English or African American vernacular English.

Why it matters

  • The footage of the singer is being shared again after Grande returned to the spotlight on April 12 with a three-minute TikTok video asking people to stop talking about her weight.


    ♬ original sound – arianagrande


  • In the new TikTok video, which has over 70 million views, fans noticed that Grande’s accent had seemingly changed again. Grande is currently filming for her lead role as Glinda the Good Witch in the Wicked movie adaption in the U.K. and social media users speculated that this character could be behind her new accent.

The big picture: From Hilaria Baldwin’s “beyond offensive” fake Spanish accent to Austin Butler’s post-Elvis voice, we are obsessed with celebrities ever-changing accents.

In a 2010 study by the University of California, scientists found that imitating a different accent comes from an inbuilt urge of the brain to “empathize and affiliate.”