Jackie La Bonita and The TikTok Bullying Scandal Explained

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A viral video, posted by TikToker Jackie La Bonita, which shows two women mocking her taking a selfie has caused a social media scandal.


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The Facts

  • On April 22, influencer Jackie La Bonita (@jackielabonita) posted a video that showed her trying to take a photo while at a baseball game. However, two women seated a few rows behind La Bonita laugh and mock the TikToker as she poses for a selfie.

  • In the clip, La Bonita wrote that her confidence disappeared after the pair of “random girls” made fun of her and that she “wanted to cry.”

  • The video amassed over 36 million views. TikTok users were enraged by the two “mean girls” in the clip and even rapper Cardi B tweeted about her anger at them.

The fallout: In less than two days after the video was posted, social media users tracked down the two “mean girls” in La Bonita’s video and published their alleged identities online.

  • Social media users “doxxed” the pair — sharing their names, Linkedin accounts, and employers. They demanded the “mean girls” be canceled and left one-star reviews on their employer’s Yelp page. The company had to label itself as “permanently closed” on Google.

  • Following the backlash, La Bonita disabled comments on her TikTok video. And one of the girl’s ex-boyfriends attempted to publically defend her.

  • During the social media hunt for the “mean girls”, TikTok user @jocelynxcarreno was mistaken for one of the bullies and was bombarded with online abuse.



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What happened next

  • On April 24, one of the women in the video reportedly posted an apology for “bullying” La Bonita and called her actions “unacceptable.” She says that “was caught off guard” by the fact she was in the background the photos that La Bonita was taking and felt “vulnerable and reactive in that moment.”

  • However on TikTok, it was reported that the two women responded with a less apologetic video. The pair said they had “a laugh about photobombing” and it was “not bullying.” The pair also blamed La Bonita for staging the clip to make them look bad and they felt uncomfortable featuring in the back of her photos.

  • La Bonita has not commented on the video.

Update 04/25/2023 by Pesala Bandara: Information on TikTok response video added