The Allegations Against Succession’s Nicholas Braun

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Nicholas Braun allegations

Women are coming forward with some disturbing sexual allegations about actor Nicholas Braun who plays Cousin Greg on HBO’s Succession.

There have been several claims circulating online about 34-year-old Braun.

The Allegations So Far

  • In a now-deleted TikTok video, a woman with the username @stvnspeilberg alleged that Braun had tried to sleep with her when she was underage. She claims that she told him she was 16 and in high school but he did not care. The TikTok user shared photos of them together at Coachella (seemingly at the 2013 festival) and she alleged that Braun slept with her underage friend. In the State of California, the age of consent is 18.



  • There is an extensive Reddit thread in the Succession subreddit dedicated to supposed accusations against Braun for having sex with minors.

  • A Reddit user called @Former-Jaguar9859 claims that “it’s widely known in New York City that Braun uses his bar… to seek out younger women to sleep with.” The actor co-owns the bar “Rays” and the Reddit user offers no further detail on how “young” these women are.

  • A Twitter user called @Blythe_Baines alleged that “this man tried to kiss my friend when she was 12 and he was in his 20s.”

What’s next: None of the allegations against Braun have been substantiated and the actor has not commented on the accusations.

However, social media users continue to discuss the claims made against the actor and journalists appear to be investigating the reports.

Braun’s most recent Instagram post has received several comments from users asking him to address the recent allegations against him. Braun is guest-starring in the upcoming fourth season of Documentary Now!