A New AI-Generated Drake Song is Going Viral On TikTok

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A new artificial intelligence (AI) generated Drake song is taking over TikTok.


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    • The new song features an AI-cloned Drake rapping: “I f*ck with her body, she f*ck with my mind. It’s too many times, it’s too many times. It’s too many what?”


    • The song was first uploaded on TikTok by AI music artist @_nvx_nvx on April 18. But the sound has gone viral on the social media platform in the last 48 hours and has been streamed millions of times.


Fake Drake songs keep becoming viral hits…

    • Last week, Ghostwriter’s AI-generated “Heart on My Sleeve” featuring a simulated Drake alongside The Weekend ratted the music industry — after it was streamed 15 million times.


    • “Heart on My Sleeve” was also pulled from TikTok, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Tidal — after receiving a complaint from the label Universal Music Group.


    • Drake has threatened an AI music clamp down — calling a fake cover of him rapping an Ice Spice song as the “last straw.” And Universal Music Group has described AI music as a violation of copyright law.


But AI-generated music is still a legal gray area: It’s not clear how Universal Music Group or Drake have any claim against these fake hits under traditional copyright law, as the rapper never wrote or sung these tracks.
Regardless, AI has already turned the music industry upside down

    • Music labels are hoping the strength of Drake’s and other artists’ fandom will set the real singer’s work apart from any AI creation.


    • But the continued popularity of these AI-generated songs suggests that there has also been a major shift in how people listen and create music. A fake Drake song may be enough for fans.


    • AI-generated Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Kanye West covers are also proving popular on social media.


The big picture: The ascent of AI-generated music in 2023 could be compared to how file-sharing service Napster disrupted the music industry in 1999.