The Gladiator 2 Cast is The Internet’s Latest Obsession

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gladiator 2 cast pedro pascal paul mescal barry keoghan

The Hollywood it-boy cast of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator 2 cast is the internet’s latest obsession.


The Facts

  • On May 2, it was reported that “the internet’s Daddy” Pedro Pascal was the latest actor to join the cast of the Gladiator sequel.

  • Pascal joins Paul Mescal, Barry Keoghan, Denzel Washington, and Joseph Quinn — actors who are all heavily considered as “internet boyfriends” (aka “nice guy” male celebrities for whom a large group of online users have a crush on.)

  • Social media users are convinced that the Gladiator 2 casting directors looked to TikTok and Twitter stan culture for inspiration in curating the “internet thirst heavy” cast.

  • Online users are already voicing their excitement to see Gladiator 2 which comes out in theaters in November 2024 — even though some Gen Z-ers admitted that they had not seen the first film.


Why it’s important: The hype around Gladiator 2 reveals the power of casting in a dying movie industry.

  • As the box office continues to struggle, curated film casts are being used to draw audiences back to the cinema.

  • For example, the knowingly quirky and memeable ensemble cast of the Barbie movie –which includes Dua Lipa, Issa Rae, and Ncuti Gatwahas — has shaped the anticipation around the film. Barbie is scheduled to be released in June.

Also: The internet buzz around Gladiator 2’s “hot cast” points to the continued overt sexualization of male celebrities by fans and media — something which actors have been feeling increasingly uneasy about.