Camilla Morrone Allegedly Liked Racist Instagram Posts

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camilla morrone racist tweets hailey bieber

Actress Camila Morrone is receiving backlash for allegedly liking racist Instagram posts — and Hailey Bieber is being dragged into the drama.



  • Daisy Jones & The Sixactress Morrone is being criticised by social media users for allegedly liking racist Instagram posts shared by @thefatjewish.

  • According to screenshots shared by gossip account @Popfactions, Morrone liked a post about Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy looking like “a 32 year old lesbian with a criminal record” and a post saying that Black women who work at McDonald’s are rude because they never met their fathers.

Taylor Swift fans are also angry at Morrone: Another supposed screenshot shows Morrone liked a sexist hate post aimed at the singer.

The Big Picture: Morrone’s actions are being used online as further evidence to support Hailey Bieber’s “mean girl” reputation.


  • Morrone and Hailey Bieber are longtime friends. In the light of Morrone’s liked racist Instagram posts, social media users think it’s no coincidence that she is close with Bieber.

  • There has been intense speculation about Bieber being a “mean girl” — a label which was recently compounded by the TikTok bullying drama between her and Selena Gomez in February.

  • Bieber has also never addressed her past racist tweets. TikTokers and service staff have also recounted their negative experiences with Bieber.

What’s next: Daisy Jones & The Six fans were devastated by the resurfaced posts. Morrone has not responded to the allegations.