Kanye West’s and ‘Wife’ Bianca Censori’s Weirdest Outfits

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bianca censori kanye west yeezy strange couple outfits

Kanye West and his rumored “wife” Bianca Censori are becoming known for their strange couple’s outfits…

Kanye may only married Bianca in January 2023 but the secretive couple have showed up in some pretty bizarre matching outfits in their few public appearances so far.

A Round-up of Kanye West’s and Bianca Censori’s Weirdest Outfits So Far

  • On June 4, Kanye and Bianca stunned the internet with the outfits they wore to a church service. Bianca wore a stocking-like dress that covered her entire body, including her face. She stuffed her arms inside the black pantyhose, while a ring of black fabric circled the lower half of her face and neck. There were no armholes or sleeves. Meanwhile Kanye wore shoulder pads and leggings that went down to his feet.
  • On May 30, Kanye and Bianca turned heads again as they went for dinner at the West Hollywood Edition hotel.Bianca covered her face with a grey scarf wrapped around her head with her eyes only visible.


  • On May 24, Kanye and Bianca wore some super-strange outfits on an ice-cream data in Los Angeles. Kanye rocked a black t-shirt with huge football-style shoulder pads and wore only bright blue socks as shoes. Meanwhile, Bianca bizarelly wrapped a t-shirt over her face and head, with just her eyes visible.