Lip Reader Reveals What Bad Bunny Said to Kendall Jenner

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Lip reader reveals what Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner said to each other at NBA Lakers game date

A lip reader revealed what Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny whispered to each other during their date at an NBA game. And fans think their relationship seems awkward…



The Convo

  • Kendall and rumored new boyfriend Bad Bunny went on a date to the Lakers playoff game against the Golden State Warriors in Los Angeles on Friday, May 12.

  • At one point, Bad Bunny and Kendall had a hushed conversation as they sat courtside and the couple’s uncomfortable interaction went seriously viral. In the clip, the singer leans in to tell Kendall something and the supermodel looks confused before giving him a seemingly irritated reply.

  • Kendall’s and Bad Bunny’s interaction looks so that it’s become a meme — especially because the new couple look a lot like the uncomfortable nightclub meme.

Well, a lip reader thinks she knows what they said…

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  • According to TikTok lip reader Krystin Kalvoy, Bad Bunny asks Kendall: “Do you wanna go home after the game to go for dinner because I’m off to work tomorrow.” The confused supermodel replies: “We can do whatever.”

  • But some Twitter users were convinced that Bad Bunny asked Kendall: “You wanna go home, and f*ck after?”


    Why it matters Fans aren’t convinced that Kendall and Bad Bunny are compatible.

  • Bad Bunny’s fans are upset and angry about his rumored relationship with Kendall. Bad Bunny is viewed as a champion of Puerto Rican culture and has openly criticized non-Latin people adopting Latin culture. Meanwhile, the Kardashian-Jenner family have long been accused of cultural appropriation — with Kendall particularly criticized for profiting off Mexican culture with her tequila brand 818 and a problematic ad she did for the product.

  • And fans think that the couple’s uncomfortable courtside conversation and body language confirms their suspicions that their relationship isn’t long-term material. Viewers said Kendall “always looks so mad” and “avoids eye contact” with him. Other fans commented that their “conversation is about as deep as a puddle” and that Bad Bunny “deserves better”

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