Honey and Salt Pre-Workout Trend is Taking Over TikTok

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TikTok users take Honey and Salt Pre-Workout in Viral Fitness Trend

TikTok users are swapping pre-workout shakes for honey and salt in a viral new fitness trend.


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The Honey and Salt Pre-Workout Trend


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Does Honey and Salt Work?

  • Some viewers were skeptical of the honey and salt pre-workout trend and dubbed it a TikTok placebo.

  • In a highly-requested video, fitness coach and holistic nutritionist Justin Kelly gave his opinion on the TikTok trend and fully supported taking honey and salt before the gym.

  • Kelly says: “I’ve been taking honey and salt as a pre-workout for a while now and I can definitely co-sign it as a 10 out of 10. The salt is going to replenish electrolytes that is lost in exercise and the honey is going to provide a simple sugar source. This will be quick for energy.”

  • There is limited health expert advice on the honey and salt pre-workout trend. However, research by Baylor University in 2007 also suggested eating honey before a session of lifting weights helped maintain blood glucose levels better than other carbohydrate sources.


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