Fans Convinced Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Did Coke’ at Cannes

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Leonardo Dicaprio Cocaine Cannes

A viral video has left social media users convinced that Leonardo DiCaprio was “coked out” at Cannes Film Festival.


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  • According to social media users, numerous clip posted by Gala showed Leonardo DiCaprio making some strange facial expressions at the premiere of his new movie Killers of The Flower Moon at Cannes Film Festival on May 20.

  • In the video clips, DiCaprio seemingly lick his gums, rub his nose and repeatedly project his lower jaw. Social media users claimed that this was a sign that DiCaprio had done drugs, specifically cocaine.

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    @gala.fr #leonardodicaprio #cannes2023 #hotelmajestic ♬ Wow. – Post Malone


  • Of course, Dicaprio’s partying antics were pure speculation and not verified. But that did not stop social media users declaring that The Wolf of Wall Street star was coked up at Cannes and questioning why Gala was “blowing up Leo’s drug use.”

  • “Leo is ready for the rave of his life,” a Twitter user writes. Another individual comments:”My boy on some good snow!”

Was Leonardo Dicaprio Really Partying Too Hard at Cannes?

Leo did *something* in France?
by u/citycouncilorknope in Fauxmoi


  • On its Instagram stories, celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi also speculated that DiCaprio was doing cocaine at the film festival. An anonymous source submitted a tip saying the actor had “done something” in France. Deuxmoi censored the tip because drug use went against its policy. But the gossip account seemed to confirm the rumour saying: “I thought I was hallucinating.”

  • However, Dicaprio has always maintained that he has never “done drugs” despite his reputation as a party boy, especially in the 1990s.