The Viral TikTok One Margarita Song Explained

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That Chick Angel One Margarita Viral TikTok Song

The viral X-rated “One Margarita” song is taking over TikTok and being dubbed the “anthem of summer 2023.”

@casadimusic Replying to @confessionsofamunch One Margarita #Remix @That Chick Angel @kevonstage #casadimusic #newmusic #songofthesummer ♬ One Margarita 5 Margaritas Margarita Song – CasaDi


“Give Me One Margarita Imma Open My Legs”

  • In late May, podcaster That Chick Angel reacted to a viral video of controversial evangelical Christian campus preacher turned TikTok star Sister Cindy Smock preaching about abstinence at Louisiana State University. In the clip, Sister Cindy declares: “If you buy her one margarita she will spread her legs” to a cheering audience.


  • That Chick Angel responded to the viral video of Sister Cindy and said: “When I heard it, I said that this sounds like a rap song.” She then immediately freestyle raps the wild, hilarious, and X-rated “One Margarita” song on her podcast.

    @thatchickangeltv The app has been playing games with. This week they have been removing my sounds from my videos. 😑 Here’s the original #margaritasong ♬ original sound – That Chick Angel

  • In the song, That Chick Angel raps: “Give me one margarita, Imma open my legs. Give me two margaritas, Imma give you some head. Give me three margaritas, Imma put it in my p*ss. Give me four margaritas, Imma put it in my tush. Give me five margaritas, Imma have some fun. Give me six margaritas, Imma put it your bum.”

  • On May 24, TikTok user @casadimusic remixed That Chick Angel’s freestyle rap and the “Give me one margarita song” quickly went viral with 9.4 million views.
@didntmakethecut0 Give us all the margaritas @Superior Grill Restaurants ♬ One Margarita Angel Laketa x Casa Di Steve Terrell – CasaDi

@bretiesi Saw your comment @Z did we deliver? 🤣🤣🤣 #margaritadance #besties #drinkswithbestie ♬ One Margarita 5 Margaritas Margarita Song – CasaDi


its always a good time when I stumble in from girls night

♬ One Margarita Angel Laketa x Casa Di Steve Terrell – CasaDi


The ‘One Margarita’ Song

  • The One Margarita song sound has since been used in over 54,000 TikTok videos.

  • Social media users proclaimed that they could not get the One Margarita song out of their heads and that the track is the song of the summer.

  • Due to popular demand, the two-minute One Margarita song by That Chick Angel featuring Casa Di and Steve Terrell was released on music streaming platforms. In a few days, it charted on the Top 20 US Hip Hop tracks on iTunes.

Meanwhile: Sister Cindy has vowed to release her own version of the One Margarita song.