Drake Brutally Ignores Fan Trying to Get Selfie With Him

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Drake ignores fan who tries to take selfie with him

In a new viral video, Drake brutally ignores a fan who tries to take a photo with him.

@hiphopfreestyle Drake ignores girl trying to get a picture! #drake #fan #rap #hiphop ♬ original sound – HipHop Freestyle

The Facts

  • In a TikTok video posted by @hiphopfreestyle, Drake is seen at Trill Burgers in Houston, Texas on June 20.

  • A female fan starts repeatedly touching Drake and trying to get his attention for a photo. The rapper looks irritated and ignores her.

  • But the woman is unfazed and gets her smartphone out to take a selfie of her with him. However, Drake brutally ignores the fan and walks away from her as she is left waiting with her smartphone.

  • The video has amassed over 820,000 views in the last day with some viewers left enraged by Drake’s “mean” behavior.

  • In the top-liked comment, a TikTok user scolded the rapper saying “If he didn’t want to take pictures he should have stayed in the house.” While another fan criticized Drake for not being the nice person he “portrays himself to be.”

‘She Shouldn’t Have Touched Him Like That’

  • However, other TikTok users described the fan as entitled for expecting Drake to take a selfie with her.

  • Several viewers took issue with the way the woman repeatedly patted Drake for a photo. “Please stop touching people. I would be annoyed too if someone I don’t know was touching me,” a viewer writes.

  • Another viewer similarly comments: “It’s the tapping his arm that p*ssed him off.”

Why it matters: Celebrities are becoming increasingly more reluctant to take photos with fans.

Actress Emily Blunt refuses to take selfies with fans anymore but tries to have a more “genuine exchange” with them.

Update 06/23/2023 by Pesala Bandara: Information on TikTok views added.