Fan Ingeniously Gets a Photo With Beyoncé

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Iconic fan cleverly gets photo with Beyonce knowles

Social media users are desperately trying to find a fan who cleverly managed to get a photo with Beyoncé Knowles.

The Facts

  • In a viral video filmed on June 21, Beyoncé Knowles is seen arriving with Jay-Z at Pharrell Williams’ debut Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week. The famous couple are surrounded by security.

  • As Beyoncé strolls to the show, a grinning fan casually comes out of nowhere and slickly walks backward towards her — without the superstar noticing.

  • As she walks backwards, the smiling woman ingeniously slides right next to Beyoncé for a brief moment and smoothly gets herself in the same frame for a photo with the singer. Her friend presumably then captures a photo of the duo.


@imyakiem #greenscreenvideo #beyonce ♬ Ballin – N.

‘We Need to Find Her!’

  • The widely-shared clip amassed over 16.3 million views on TikTok. Social media users praised the fan as a “genius” for shrewdly getting a photo with Beyoncé and noted that Jared Leto would have also appeared in the shot.

  • Some viewers speculated that she must have “planning this [photo] for years.” Others applauded the fan on her slick approach to getting a selfie with a celebrity and the fact that she “didn’t have to bother her [Beyoncé] for it. Iconic.”

  • Online users have since been trying to hunt down the fan and find the final photo that she took with Beyoncé.

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