Fans Argue Over This Photo of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Daughter

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Fans are arguing over this photo of Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and his daughter Violet Affleck at Michael Rubin's party. They think JLo's and Violet's body language is off.

Fans are arguing over this photo of Jennifer Lopez posing with husband Ben Affleck’s daughter.



The Photo

  • On July 3, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Violet Affleck (his daughter with ex-wife Jennifer Garner) attended billionaire Michael Rubin’s white party at The Hamptons.

  • Rubin shared a photo of him posing with Jennifer, Ben, and Violet at the star-studded event. In the picture, Ben put his arm around Violet while Jennifer appears to turn away from her stepdaughter.

  • Some fans were convinced that the body language between Jennifer and Violet showed something is off between the pair. Certain viewers said JLo and her stepdaughter seemed “awkward” and did not seem to like each other.

  • However, other individuals insisted that there was “nothing to see or figure out” in the photo and it was pathetic to project the sexist “evil stepmom trope” onto JLo .

  • Other fans shared heartwarming photos of Jennifer and Violet together to prove that the pair had a good relationship. While another fan posted an image posted by rapper Swizz Beatz that revealed Rubin’s photo had been cropped and Jennifer had her arm around her sister Lynda Lopez in the original picture.



Why we’re talking about it: Even though the photo seems innocent, fans are still convinced that Bennifer are doomed for divorce.

And they will over-analyze photos and videos of the couple to find any evidence of marriage problems. In February, a video of Jennifer and Ben “arguing” at the Grammy awards went viral and lip readers attempted to translate their tense conversation.