Fans Think Cardi B Had Rib Removal Surgery

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Has Cardi B had her ribs removed?

Fans are convinced that Cardi B has had rib removal surgery after the rapper’s latest appearance in the music video for “Point Me 2” with FendiDa Rappa.



  • Viewers went wild after FendiDa Rappa and Cardi B dropped the music video for their collaboration “Point Me 2” on July 7.

  • However, fans were distracted by Cardi B’s apparent body transformation in the video. Several social media users speculated that Cardi B had undergone rib removal surgery to achieve her new physique.

  • Rib removal is cosmetic surgery procedure that generally involves removing the 11th and 12th rib on both sides in an attempt to reduce inches on the waist and achieve a more hourglass figure.

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  • In a TikTok video, which amassed over 2.2 million views, @fendyprints shared a series of clips of the rapper’s body in “Point Me 2” with the caption: “Cardi really removed her ribs.”

  • Some viewers argued that Cardi B’s hourglass physique was down to “an extreme BBL” and “waist trainer” — not rib removal. While others alleged that her transformation may be the result of taking weight-loss drug Ozempic

  • This is not the first time fans have claimed Cardi B has had her ribs removed. In September, the rapper posted a video on Instagram which led viewers to believe she had undergone the aggressive surgery.



Why it matters: Fans love to speculate on whether celebrities have had controversial rib removal surgery.

Last year, social media users shared theories that Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian had their ribs removed after noticing similar scars on the sisters’ torsos. However, Kim has denied the rumors, saying she didn’t even know rib removal was “possible.”


THIS IS ALLEGED! But I heard the Kardashian sisters do this to make their body frame smaller and shoulders less broad 🫤

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But: Cardi B has always been candid about her cosmetic surgery procedures. So if there is any truth to the rib removal rumors, the rapper would likely be transparent about it.