Kanye West Allegedly Dressed North West in ‘KKK Inspired’ Clothing

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Kanye West allegedly dressed his 10-year-old daughter North West in racist KKK inspired clothing

Kanye West allegedly dressed his 10-year-old daughter North West in “racist” KKK inspired Yeezy clothing.

North wearing unreleased Yeezy S9
by u/hotchildndacity in KUWTK


  • In newly-surfaced photos that are circulating, Kanye West appeared to dress his daughter North West up in unreleased Yeezy clothes from his Season 9 drop. The images allegedly show 10-year-old North wearing a white hoodie with a pointed hood that covers her face and has small eye holes.

  • Media Takeout reports that North’s Yeezy outfit looks distinctly like the white Ku Klux Klan hood worn by the white supremacist group.

  • Yeezy’s Season 9 drop was released in October 2022 and included controversial “White Lives Matter” T-Shirts. The collection was one of a series of events that eventually led to Kanye’s downfall for antisemitic hate speech. However, the hoodie that North is wearing appears to be a piece that never made it to the Season 9 collection.

  • It is unclear where the images first surfaced. It seems the photos may have originally been uploaded on Kanye West fan page @dondatimes before being seemingly deleted. However, social media users have since been sharing the images.

  • Kardashian fans could not help seeing the parallels between North’s Yeezy hoodie and the KKK clothing: “Hate this. Is it just me, or does this give major KKK vibes?!”

  • While fans praised Kim Kardashian for respecting Kanye’s right to have an involvement in their children’s lives, they thought that her ex-husband should have been more responsible than to let North be photographed in a “racist” outfit. A social media user writes: “Putting your kid in what is essentially a KKK hoodie is crossing way over the line.” While another Redditor said Kanye should “leave his child out of his bullsh*t.”