Bobbi Althoff Deletes Interview With Drake and Unfollows Him

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Drake and podcast host Bobbi Althoff have seemingly unfollowed each other on Instagram and their viral podcast has been deleted from YouTube -- amid rumors of a beef between the pair.

Drake and podcast host Bobbi Althoff have unfollowed each other on Instagram and their YouTube video has been mysteriously deleted.

Is Drake cutting ties with Bobbi Althoff?

  • Mom influencer Bobbi Althoff rose to fame in July when her hilariously awkward interview with Drake in bed on her podcast The Really Good Podcast went viral on TikTok. A clip of the interview amassed over 22 million views on the platform.

  • Since then, Bobbi has become a huge talking point for her deadpan humor and her seemingly meteoric rise to fame from obscurity. Bobbi had only released her podcast

  • Bobbi also seemed to maintain a friendship with Drake after the podcast and she was even invited to the rapper’s concert this weekend. She shared a clip of her looking unimpressed at Drake’s show on TikTok.

  • However a day later, it emerged that Bobbi Althoff’s widely-shared interview with rapper Drake has been mysteriously deleted on YouTube. The clip had over 10 million views on YouTube on Friday.

  • Drake and Bobbi have also unfollowed each other on Instagram and Bobbi has seemingly deleted all content featuring the rapper on her social media

  • Bobbi’s interview with Drake has also been removed on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

  • Fans are now wondering whether Bobbi’s and Drake’s friendship has gone sour and there are claims that the pair are in a “beef.”

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Why it matters Fans are speculating whether Drake is regretting his association with Bobbi and cutting ties with the “industry plant.”

Bobbi Althoff has quickly become one of the biggest and most polarizing podcasters of the year. Bobbi has been accused of being an “industry plant” given her quick rise to success and her ability to get an interview with Drake in such a short amount of time as as a podcaster.

Meanwhile, some fans have criticized Drake for choosing to do an interview with Bobbi over a Black podcaster.

But: Then again, Bobbi’s and Drake’s supposed “feud” could possibly be a publicity stunt to fuel more interest in the pair.