Fans Convinced Hailey Bieber Posted From Justin’s Phone After SZA’s Music Video

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Fans are convinced that Hailey Bieber posted from her husband Justin Bieber's Instagram Stories on his phone after his steamy cameo in SZA's music video for Snooze.

Fans are convinced that Hailey Bieber posted from her husband Justin Bieber’s phone after his steamy cameo in SZA’s new music video for Snooze.



hailey get off Justins phone 💀im just playinnn

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  • On Saturday, SZA debuted her music video for her latest single Snooze. In the video, Justin Bieber stars as one of SZA’s four love interests.

  • In the music video, a shirtless Justin is seen in bed with SZA in a romantic hotel room scene and the pair also go dirt-bike riding as she dances for him.

  • Social media users were thrilled by Justin’s steamy appearance and his chemistry with SZA — saying that they had never seen him “smile so big.” And now fans are claiming that Hailey Bieber wanted to show fans that husband Justin was still very much her man after the cameo.


  • Justin shared several clips from Snooze to promote SZA’s single on his Instagram Stories. However, fans noticed that immediately after this, Justin reposted a stunning photo of Hailey on his Instagram Stories.

  • Fans were convinced that the “hilarious” inclusion of this photo was proof that Hailey had posted from Justin’s phone. Social media users exclaimed: “Hailey, get off Justin’s phone!”

  • “She got hold of his phone and posted this on his IG,” a viewer alleged. Other fans similarly insisted: “I just know she made him repost it!” and “We know damn well Justin didn’t post that!”


Why it matters Fans have long believed that Hailey has access to Justin’s Instagram and regularly posts from it.

In 2019, Hailey appeared to admit to having her husband’s Instagram password after she accidentally posted a comment on Scooter Braun’s photo from Justin’s account. Social media users also previously claimed that the model tried to pretend Justin was filming her in a now-deleted TikTok video.



  • While fans have theorized that Hailey was jealous of Justin’s cameo in SZA’s music video, the model has openly praised the pair, gushing: “my 2 favorite artists in 1 video”

  • And in March, Hailey and Justin both attended a SZA concert in Los Angeles.

  • Other social media users argued that the continued hate towards Hailey was “so weird” and that Justin “obviously loves his wife.”

  • Another viewer similarly pointed out that Justin’s “entire Instagram is filled of pictures with Hailey, he’s obviously in love with his wife.” Hailey and Justin will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary next month.