Did Rosalia Wear Her Engagement Ring as a Earring?

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Rosalia wore her old engagement ring from former fiancé Rauw Alejandro as an earring

Fans are wondering whether Rosalia wore her old engagement ring from former fiancé Rauw Alejandro as an earring.



Is Rosalia Still Wearing Her Engagement Ring from Rauw Alejandro?

  • In July, Rosalia split with her fiancé Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Rauw Alejandro following a three-year relationship.

  • Rosalia and Rauw had previously announced their engagement in March in a music video for their single Beso. In the video, Rosalia revealed her diamond engagement ring from Rauw — which was estimated to be worth at least $100,000.


  • However, since breaking off their engagement, fans believed that Rosalia had transformed the piece of jewelry from Rauw into an earring.

  • Rosalia celebrated her 31st birthday on September 25 at Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France. The singer greeted crowds of fans who came to offer her birthday wishes outside her hotel.

  • In photographs with fans on her birthday, Rosalia seemed to be spotted with Rauw’s engagement ring on her ear converted into an earring. She appeared to have placed a diamond ring within a hoop that was suspended from her right ear.

  • Rosalia’s fans were stunned that the singer could still be wearing Rauw’s engagement ring and felt that the jewelry was “not a coincidence.”

But: It’s an old earring that Rosalia has worn before — and not Rauw’s engagement ring.


Rosalia seemed to wear this ring earring when she performed Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi with Ozuna at the MTV Music Video Awards in 2019. So it looks like Rosalia and Rauw are not getting back together.