Lana Del Rey Fans are Filming TikTok Videos with Police Officers

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Everybody knows that I'm a good girl officer. TikTok users are filming with police to Lana Del Rey's playing dangerously in viral trend

Lana Del Rey fans are filming TikTok videos with police in the viral “Good Girl Officer” trend.


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‘Everybody Knows That I’m a Good Girl Officer’

  • In a new viral TikTok trend, social media users are filming videos with police officers while singing along to Lana Del Rey’s unreleased 2010 track Playing Dangerously.

  • Lana Del Rey’s Playing Dangerously is about a woman who meets a police officer following a fire incident and is attracted to his authority.


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  • In the TikTok trend which has become popular in recent weeks, individuals are approaching police officers and mouthing the lyrics to Lana’s song Playing Dangerously directly to them.

  • TikTokers pose next to the police officer and lipsync the words: “Everybody knows that I’m a good girl officer. No. I wouldn’t do a thing like that, that’s for sure.”

  • In a TikTok video, which has amassed over 3.6 million views, influencer @tanology.mia dances next to a giggling cop who stands next to his police car.

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  • In another video, which has racked up 2.5 million views, TikToker Tedi films herself lip-syncing Lana Del Rey’s song in front of a group of police officers — who seem to be unaware that she is recording them.

  • Viewers have been left wondering how so many TikTok users have convinced cops to willingly feature in these videos and participate in the “good girl officer” trend.


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  • Filming police officers is generally allowed in the U.S. when done in a public place and does not interfere with the officers’ performance of their duties or violate anyone’s privacy.

  • However, some online users have complained that the inclusion of police officers in the TikTok trend makes them feel “sick” and “not cute at all” — and a sign that social media has gone too far.


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Does This Mean Lana Del Rey Will Finally Release Playing Dangerously?

  • This is not the first time an unreleased song by Lana has gone viral on TikTok this year. In May, a sped-up version of Lana’s unreleased track Say Yes to Heaven went viral on the platform — with more than one million users using the song as a trend.

  • Due to the song’s popularity on TikTok, Lana ended up finally releasing Say Yes to Heaven as a surprise for fans.