The Viral ‘Aged’ Filter is Taking Over TikTok

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TikTok Viral Aged filter shows users how their face will look when they're old. Kylie Jenner used it

TikTok users are obsessed with a viral “aged” filter which shows what they will look like when they get old.


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I just know my future self would be so proud 🥹

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  • The TikTok face filter called “Aged” has gone viral on the social media platform in the last week and has been used in over 5.2 million videos to date. The “Aged” filter has even been used by celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Rosalia.

  • The AI-powered filter realistically ages a person’s face in real-time and doesn’t malfunction no matter how much a person moves or changes their facial expression. For some users, the “Aged” filter even makes some of their hair grey.

  • The “aged” filter is so lifelike that TikTok dermatologist Dr. Joyce used it to explain exactly how a person’s skin and facial structure changes with old age.


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Why it matters While TikTok beauty filters like “Bold Glamor” have been criticized for setting unrealistic beauty standards and being harmful to young people’s mental health, the “Aged” filter is being praised.

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  • Generation Z users have claimed that the filter has taught them to have more “acceptance” about the aging process and appreciate their youth.

  • In several viral videos, individuals have become emotional at the sight of their older selves and realized the honor of growing old: “Aging is a privilege and a gift.” Some TikTokers declared that it was more than “just a filter” and made them appreciate life.

  • Meanwhile, other TikTok users have proclaimed that the “Aged” filter has educated them on the importance of regular sunscreen use and an anti-aging skincare routine: “Literally just ordered screenscreen and thinking about getting botox.”

But: Some celebrities have been mocked for using the TikTok “Aged” filter.


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  • In her latest TikTok video, Kylie Jenner used the viral “Aged” filter and proclaimed that she did not like her old face “at all.”

  • Fans were not impressed with Kylie’s video and claimed that the billionaire would be turning to cosmetic surgery to avoid aging anyway.

  • “You have fixed it before, you can do it again!” a viewer writes. “Babe you and I both know you will not be aging naturally,” another added.